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Attorney Referrals

I am very appreciative that many attorneys currently refer potential worker’s compensation clients to me for representation.  Many of my new clients are from attorney referrals or from current and former client referrals. 

Worker’s compensation cases have numerous time sensitive deadlines and pit falls.  Through my years of practice, some attorneys that have tried to handle a worker’s compensation case while also representing the client in their personal injury matter or other legal issue have fallen into quick sand.  Some confusion comes from someone who does not practice worker’s compensation regularly misinterpreting the law, or being unaware of a certain law, to one case where the attorney almost settled a third party case with a worker’s compensation insurer which would have resulted in a six figure mistake on the part of the personal injury attorney.  He had his client meet with me and we were able to save the client (and attorney) from making a costly mistake.

If you make a worker’s compensation referral to me (see NRPC 1.5(e)), we can discuss a fee splitting arrangement.  Also, if you are also representing the potential client in another matter (i.e. personal injury claim arising out of the worker’s compensation claim), you can continue to represent the client in that matter while I handle the worker’s compensation claim only. 

Please send me an email with your client’s worker’s compensation problem along with your contact information.  Thank you for considering me for your worker’s compensation referrals.